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Closing ritual women's circle - postnatal


2200 kr

Nurturing women's circle with your friends. Including a one hour post-partum massage and closing ritual.

How beautiful would it be to celebrate your transition into motherhood with your close ones? 

Your women’s circle is not only about celebration but also about feeling supported by your close community as a new mum. Your close ones literally hold you in the ritual and you will feel nurtured, taken care of, encouraged and carried into this new phase of motherhood.

You are reminded that you are part of a community of women who are there for you and who love you.

The birth of your child is a ‘Rite de Passage’. Your loved ones taking part in your closing ritual, means that your environment ‘bears witness’ of your transition and that there is an integration at the end of this transition. This is really powerful and supportive in making that transition.

What does the women’s circle look like? 

The set-up of the circle will be adapted to your wishes. I will do an intake with you beforehand to make sure your wishes are incorporated. The setting will be festive but also meditative, calm, conscious and can be experienced as spiritual.

It may look like this: 

  • We will start with drinking tea together, with some nice snacks. There will be time to admire the baby. 

  • I will open the circle with a meditation and we will set intentions for the gathering. 

  • If you like, there is space for you to share your birthing story in the circle. It can be a very rich experience to share this experience with loved ones who listen to you in silence with an open heart. I will facilitate a safe space for this. 

  • All women in your circle will have a moment to share something with you. Wishing you the best in your journey and providing you with words of encouragement from their hearts. I will make sure everyone is prepared. 

  • The culmination of the circle is the closing ritual. All women will help me to wrap you in the scarves which will really make you feel held by them. 

  • I will end the circle with a short sharing and a meditation.

What does the closing ritual look like? 

The ritual involves a massage/rocking of the body using scarves, and a sequence of tightening scarves around the body. This ritual supports healing at different levels:

Physically, by providing movement in the joints, muscles, tissues and fluids. Especially the firm wrapping of the pelvic area is really beneficial and supportive in the post-natal period.

Emotionally, by providing space to simply rest and be held, as well as for emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released.

Spiritually, by providing closure, and bringing energy back to you. The treatment is very calming for the nervous system. 

Is there a more perfect gift to your friend who becomes a mother? 

The women’s circle can be a lovely gift to yourself. Or could be the perfect gift to pamper your friend or your relative who becomes a mother. To support her and nurture her with your presence in this special time. It resembles a baby shower or mother blessing but is different as it is organized after the birth. You may want to organize the circle with the same group you held a baby shower or mother blessing with during pregnancy. This way, you carry the new mum through this transitional time.

How will this be organized? 

I will provide the ritual in your own home, or at the home of one of your friends if that's preferred. You decide the date and decide who will be there (friends, female relatives), I will take care of everything else. I will do an intake with you (or the organizer if someone else surprises you) to be able to adjust the circle to your wishes. You decide if you’d like to have your partner present or not. The effort from you as a new mum will be minimal, I will arrange everything. 

I will communicate with all participants and will make sure everyone is prepared for the gathering. I will take care of tea and ask the women to bring some snacks. 

The women's circle will take about 2,5 hours and within this the ritual will take about one hour. The number of participants may range between 2 and 8. 

You will keep your clothes on during the ritual. Wear light, comfortable clothes in which you feel good. 

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