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Duo treatment with a friend


1900 kr

Post-natal masssage and closing ritual for you and a friend. You will both receive a one hour treatment one after the other. You can take care of each other's baby while the other receives the ritual.

You can benefit the most from the treatment if there is someone that can take care of your baby during the one hour ritual. Therefore it can be very nice and practical to book the treatment together with a mom-friend so you can take turns and each enjoy the treatment while the other takes care of the babies.

Each treatment takes about 60 minutes. I will prepare the space in advance, and clean up afterwards, and there will be a little break in between the two sessions. Therefore you should expect me to be at your house for about 3 hours in total. 

I will use the same scarfs for both treatments. This means they are not washed for the second treatment. You will keep your clothes on during the treatment, so direct contact with the scarfs is limited.

Ideally the person receiving the treatment is in a separate room, so you can receive the massage undisturbed. There is not a lot of space required for the ritual. Just enough for you to lay down on the floor, and for me to walk around you.

The ritual involves a massage/rocking of the body using scarves, and a sequence of tightening scarves around the body. This ritual supports healing in your transitions into motherhood.

Physically, by providing movement in the joints, muscles, tissues and fluids. Emotionally, by providing space to simply rest and be held, as well as for emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released. Spiritually, by providing closure, and bringing energy back to you. The treatment is very calming for the nervous system.

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