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Massage and closing ritual


1000 kr

Massage and closing ritual to support healing when you go through a (life)transition.

This ritual supports healing through life transitions. Physically, by providing movement in the joints, muscles, tissues and fluids. Emotionally, by providing space to simply rest and be held, as well as for emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released. Spiritually, by providing closure, and bringing energy back to you. The treatment is very calming for the nervous system.

The ritual involves a massage/rocking of the body using scarves, and a sequence of tightening scarves around the body.

Life transitions for which this ritual is very suitable are for example:

·         Perimenopause and menopause

·         Baby loss (early pregnancy loss, abortion or stillbirth)

·         Grief / loss of a parent

·         New beginnings or endings like a divorce or end of a relationship

·         Ending your breastfeeding journey

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