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How to prepare for birth as a partner?

Your baby is on its way, congratulations! Maybe it’s hard for you to imagine how your baby is going to make its way out? Maybe the idea of the birth scares you a bit? The thought that you might see your partner going through pain? Or maybe you can’t wait and are full of excitement! Are you worried about what will be expected from you, or do you believe that your partner and the midwife or doctor will just ‘do their thing’?

As a partner you can have a big positive impact on the birthing experience. Research shows the importance of continuous support during birth, and your contributions can be key. Four evenings NatalWisdom will ensure you have realistic expectations of the birth process. Options and choices will be explained, so you can support your partner making informed decisions. You will learn the do’s and don’ts to make your partner (and yourself) feel comfortable and confident during birth. This will not only positively impact her experience, but also your own! An empowering birth experience is a good ‘kick-start’ into your parenthood journey. 


On top of that, the Postnatal recovery plan workbook, will help you and your partner to prepare for the first weeks after birth and will give you insights on how to best support your partner on her recovery.

The role of the father is much clearer. It makes me trust the process a lot more. I am much less worried about birth and post-partum.

Jonas' reflection on how NatalWisdom's course impacted the way he looks forward to the birth of his first baby.

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What will I learn?
  • What can I do to maximize our chances of a positive birth experience?

  • What happens to her body and our baby’s body during childbirth? What role do hormones play?

  • What roles can I play?

  • Which options are there for pain relief? What can I do to help her cope with pain?

  • What medical interventions might be proposed, and what do I need to know, to support my partner in making decisions and communicating these to the care providers?

  • Roadmap of the hospital setting.

  • Do I have any wishes or needs that should go into her/our birth plan?

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques.

  • Mindfulness techniques.

  • The important role you play in breastfeeding.

  • How can we optimally prepare for the postnatal period? (And why this is so important!)

  • There will be time to discuss any additional questions you have or topics you would like to cover.

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