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A sense of ownership during birth, results in a more positive experience.


A good preparation is part of achieving this.  

You are capable! The course will help you trust your ability to birth your baby.

It will provide you with the expertise you need, to make informed decisions. 


Research shows that your contributions to your partner's birth experience can be key.

After NatalWisdom's course you look forward to the birth with confidence.

Group course over four evenings

20, 22, 27 and 29 February


Kvitsøygata 10, Stavanger

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I am a passionate birth educator, certified by Antenatal Training Int and City & Guilds


Bottom line, my drive for becoming a birth educator was a desire to contribute to more love, compassion and healing.


A nurturing post-natal massage and closing ritual.


Honoring you for all that you have done and all that you are going through.

Physical, emotional and spiritual recovery after birth.

Giving support during the transition into parenthood, by nurturing self-trust and building resilience.

Help preparing for a positive birth experience.

It's informative and helped me learn in-depth stages and processes of birth and post-partum.

I feel more prepared for birth and at ease about the process.

Anne Marie

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+47 40 90 21 79

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"When we birth, we don't just birth babies.
We birth ourselves, we birth our families and we reshape our lives."

Dr Sara Wickham in What's Right for me? Making decisions in pregnancy and childbirth.

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