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Course content

  • What can I do to maximize my chances of a positive birth experience?

  • What happens in my body and my baby’s body during childbirth? What role do hormones play?

  • What roles can your partner play?

  • Which options are there for pain relief? We will discuss both medical and non-medical options.

  • What medical interventions might be proposed, and what do I need to know, to make decisions about these?

  • Roadmap of the hospital setting.

  • What can I write in my birth plan?

  • Realistic expectations, what if things go differently?

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques.

  • Mindfulness techniques.

  • The basics of breastfeeding.

  • Recovery after birth, including a complete workbook that you take home to make your own post-natal recovery plan.

  • There will be time to discuss any additional questions you have or topics you would like to cover.

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Nurturing self-trust

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