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It has been a magical, grounding and healing experience for me. Thank you for holding me.


Post-partum massage & closing ritual

NatalWisdom's closing ritual

The post-partum massage & closing ritual I offer is inspired on a mix of older and newer post-natal traditions from different parts of the world. During the first part of the treatment your body is gently rocked with the use of shawls. The sensation of being supported and at the same time gently rocked in the shawl is very relaxing. It will make you feel taken care of and comfortably held. In the second part of the treatment, you are wrapped from top to toe, body part by body part, in the shawls. This again gives a sensation of being held and supported and helps to bring energy back to yourself. Especially the firm wrapping of the pelvic area is really beneficial and supportive in the postnatal period.

I aim to create a safe space for you to feel nurtured. Often the massage provides an opportunity to release emotions associated with the birth and your transition into motherhood. 

Purpose of the ritual

When you grow and birth your baby, you don't only open physically, but you also open energetically and emotionally. Therefore in many cultures there are 'closing' rituals and treatments to help new mothers recover on different levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

During the birth of your child your body has literally gone open. In this ceremony, the body is closed again. The pelvic area is wrapped tightly in Rebozo shawls to support the bones to come back to their natural position. 

There is also a more symbolic meaning to the term closing. In the ritual, you close a certain phase in your life, in this case the pregnancy. But also the phase of your life before you became the mother of this baby.

Honoring your experience and the tremendous job you/your body have done, and giving you an opportunity to come back to yourself and 'close' yourself in a soothing and special way.


One hour post-partum massage & closing ritual - 1000 kr

Debrief of your birthing experience followed by a one hour post-partum massage & closing ritual - 1500 kr

Nurturing women's circle with your friends, including a one hour post-partum massage & closing ritual assisted and witnessed by your close ones - 2200 kr

Two consecutive one hour massage & closing rituals for you and a friend at the same location - 1900 kr

A set of three massage & closing rituals - 2500 kr

“It makes sense when you think about it, given the tremendous changes the pregnant and postpartum body goes through,  that there is a process in place to support the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of new mothers via a ritual designed to restore them to a place of wholeness."

Sophie Messager

A woman wearing a Mexican Rebozo scarf

The Americas have a rich tradition of post-partum body work and rituals in which often a shawl is used. Most known are probably the traditions in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. The traditional shawl used in Mexico is called a 'Rebozo'. It is common for women to receive a special treatment in which a Rebozo is tightly wrapped around the woman's body to help the body to 'close'. This type of treatment is called 'Closing of the Bones' and is also often referred to as a 'Rebozo massage' because of the use of the shawls. 

However, some off the shawls I use are not originating from one of these countries but from different parts of the world. 

One of my teachers has learned techniques from amongst others a Mexican midwife well known for her Rebozo teachings to other parts of the world. Even though there is actually this lineage with old Mexican Rebozo traditions, the treatment I offer you is my own interpretation and adaptation of different traditions and techniques and is therefore more generally called a 'massage and closing ritual'.

Practical information

At home

I will come to you, to provide the ritual in your own home. If you wish to receive the ritual shortly after the birth of your baby, I can also come to the barselhotell to provide you the massage there. 

There is not a lot of space required for the ritual. Just enough for you to lay down on the floor, and for me to walk around you.

The space where you receive the ritual should be pleasantly warm.

I will bring all we need for the ritual: the shawls, a yoga mat, a blanket, something to cover your eyes, essential oils and essence if you wish to use that and music if you like. If you have a shawl yourself that you would like me to use, this is of course possible. For example, if you have used a shawl during birth, or if you use a shawl for wearing your baby, we could also use this scarf for the closing ritual.


You will keep your clothes on during the treatment. Wear light, comfortable clothes in which you feel good. 


The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes. I will prepare the space in advance, and clean up afterwards, so therefore you should expect me to be there for about 1,5-2 hours in total. 

If you chose to have a de-brief of the birth of your baby at the beginning of the ritual, the time this takes comes in addition. 

I will make sure I have good time for you, so it is no issue if for example you need to finish a feed before we can start the treatment.


Your baby

This time is really meant to be for you. To be nourished and taken care off. This works best if you have time for yourself and the treatment, without having to focus on your baby. Therefore, you can benefit the most from the treatment if there is someone that can take care of your baby during the one hour ritual. If you know it will work for you and your baby to do the ritual during a nap, then that is of course also fine.

It is also possible to book the ritual together with a friend, so you can take turns and take care of each other's baby while the other receives the ritual.

more information

Booking a treatment

Please contact me on +47 40 90 21 79 to book your treatment (online booking system not yet available). Feel free to sms or what's app if that is more convenient.

You can also email to In that case, please indicate which date/time you would like to receive the treatment.

You can also buy a treatment voucher for a friend!

Telephone: +4740902179



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