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I felt it helped me ground and become more connected in myself.


Healing Closing Ritual

Purpose of the ritual

This ritual supports healing through life transitions. Physically, by providing movement in the joints, muscles, tissues and fluids. Emotionally, by providing space to simply rest and be held, as well as for emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released. Spiritually, by providing closure, and bringing energy back to you. This is the more symbolic meaning to the term closing. In the ritual, you close a certain phase in your life.

Life transitions for which this ritual is very suitable are for example:

·         Perimenopause and menopause

·         Baby loss (early pregnancy loss, abortion or stillbirth)

·         Grief / loss of a parent

·         New beginnings or endings like a divorce or end of a relationship

·         Ending your breastfeeding journey

During the first part of the treatment your body is gently rocked with the use of shawls. The sensation of being supported and at the same time gently rocked in the shawl is very relaxing. It will make you feel taken care of and comfortably held. In the second part of the treatment, you are wrapped from top to toe, body part by body part, in the shawls. This again gives a sensation of being held and supported and helps to bring energy back to yourself. Especially the firm wrapping of the pelvic area can help you releasing tension and emotions stored in the body.

The treatment is very calming for the nervous system.

Practical information

At home

I will come to you, to provide the ritual in your own home. There is not a lot of space required for the ritual. Just enough for you to lay down on the floor, and for me to walk around you.

The space where you receive the ritual should be pleasantly warm.

I will bring all we need for the ritual: the shawls, a yoga mat, a blanket, something to cover your eyes, essential oils and essence if you wish to use that and music if you like. If you have a shawl yourself that you would like me to use, this is of course possible. 


You will keep your clothes on during the treatment. Wear light, comfortable clothes in which you feel good. 


The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes. I will prepare the space in advance, and clean up afterwards, so therefore you should expect me to be there for about 1,5-2 hours in total.


One hour massage & closing ritual - 1000kr

The Americas have a rich tradition of body work and rituals to support women in which often a shawl is used. Most known are probably the traditions in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. The traditional shawl used in Mexico is called a 'Rebozo'. It is common for women to receive a special treatment in which a Rebozo is tightly wrapped around the woman's body to help the body to 'close'. This type of treatment is called 'Closing of the Bones' and is also often referred to as a 'Rebozo massage' because of the use of the shawls. 


The treatment I offer you is my own interpretation and adaptation of different traditions and techniques and is therefore more generally called a 'massage and closing ritual'.


Booking a treatment

Please contact me on +47 40 90 21 79 to book your treatment (online booking system not yet available). Feel free to sms or what's app if that is more convenient.

You can also email to In that case, please indicate which date/time you would like to receive the treatment.

You can also buy a treatment voucher for a friend!

Telephone: +4740902179



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